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  1. Hi

    I want to use the comment reply by email feature and I read the support page and followed the instructions but when I replied to a post by email it did not show up. have I misunderstood what this feature is? I was hoping I would not have to log into my blog to reply to comments but I am not sure if I am supposed to do anything more than what the instructions say. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but I have no ideas to offer you. I'm thinking that you ought to contact Staff

  3. Thanks Timethief I will see what they say and come back with an answer when they reply!

  4. I am such a dork I was about to email Support when I decided to read the instructions again lol

    I missed this part

    "Reply must contain the quoted comment notification message or contain “!END” on its own line at the end of your reply in the email."

    I deleted everything in the email before I wrote my reply so I will try again but this time I will leave the quoted comment message in the reply.

    If it does not work then I will contact Support

  5. Okey dokey ... :)

  6. Oh yay it worked lol

    I think I did the online version of throwing the manual away once I had skimmed the parts I was interested in.

    Thanks! (embarrassed blush)

  7. No problem and best wishes for blogging successfully by email. :)

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