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comment spam

  1. What happened to the Feedback button on the Dashboard?

    Has is disappeared? Has it been moved? Am I blind today? Maybe I haven't had enough coffee...?

    Anyway, on a blog somewhere I noticed that after posting a comment, I got a message saying something to the effect of...

    "Because you are commenting on a post which is more than 30 days old, your comment must be moderated."

    I think that's a great idea.... to reduce comment spam.... on old posts...

  2. It's been taken off. You can use the regular Support option at the bottom of this page (and sometimes at the top) ( ) to submit any feedback/suggestions you may have.

  3. You can still use the "support" tab in the admin area to basically do the same thing as the old "feedback", but it wants you to put it in a category is all. This feature would be good to suggest as right now, comments on posts older than 30 days that are deemed by Akismet as spam are automatically deleted. Normal comments still go through.


  4. I wonder if that explains the Akismet "spam, but no spam" issue that people keep mentioning in the other threads.

  5. That is it ;)


  6. comments on posts older than 30 days that are deemed by Akismet as spam are automatically deleted

    I welcomed the introduction of this feature because most spam I received was in the form of phony comments directed at posts older than 30 days but some bloggers reacted very negatively to it.

  7. Barry now tells me they disabled it again........I can't see why myself because I personally agree with you TT!


  8. Trent --

    The issue is this: If Akismet is 100% perfect with zero false/positives then blocking comments on articles that are 30 days old is fine.

    However, we all know Akismet -- like the humans that created her/it/that -- is imperfect and so, if you get a legit comment on an old article Akismet doesn't like you have no chance to recover that false positive because Akismet never lets you know about the comment. The legit comment gets blackholed behind your back and that’s a form of censorship-by-Spam-filter because those comments can never be rescued.

    I have lots of articles on my blog that still get tons of comments and some of them are a year or two old! Isn't that the point of writing something? To create an article that is long-lasting and evergreen long after it was written?

    Why punish old articles with this arbitrary "30 Day" Akismet policy when the whole idea of Blogging is to create an ongoing community of shared ideas and memes -- especially over a stretch of time centered on changing thoughts and ideas that are considered and commented on in an ongoing basis?

    If I am correctly following your support for this punishing policy, I ask you… Why not just close comments entirely for all articles over 30 days old, too? If you like that idea, why not take the next logical step and just delete all articles over 30 days as well?

  9. Actually I requested that consider the introduction of a feature that would allow the blogger the option of "bulk" closing of comments on posts that were over 30 days of old. Currently, I have to do this one post at a time.

    I have posted an email address and an additional contact box on all my blogs. In the unlikely event that any reader wishes to leave a comment that actually applies to an older post I can certainly move the comment.

  10. If anyone is into "serachbox diving" the same dialog that's being conducted now recurs about every 4-6 weeks.

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