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    Lots of issues with Comments. If I get 3 Comments -cool, that’s a lot
    –for site, Way not ‘cutting-edge,’ I write essays, longish ones and remedies
    on people -topics -issues passed “hot.” But lately odd things popping up.
    Two nights ago: 8 comments, next morning 13, today 16! sheesh, Clueless
    what to do with these.

    I sure know when a ‘Comment’ is spam, but these: confusing.
    1. Two weeks ago: bunch of comments all from same Category, golf, different addresses, but: each wrote same comment; two weeks ago: ditto –Category fashion; last week: ditto –microbrew beer. I don’t write about sports/golf -fashion -potables. Some: have a link under the name, others name is link.

    Are these real comments or: new form of spam? For reference: I hate tech stuff, next to tech illiterate.

    2. Comments: positive –and then ask questions –tech stuff I don’t understand.
    Are these real? One: wrote my ‘drop-downs don’t work’ –I knew that was
    just baiting me –to enable/respond, it was posted on a page that gets clicked daily, 11,000+ readers not one has said that. I deleted, but what to do
    about the others?

    a.) >>>What the heck is that wordpress extension on your navbar termed?
    –I don’t even know what the question means nevermind how to answer

    b.) >>>That header is a bit strange while in Firefox, buddy.
    No one has said this before; don’t know what it means; how to fix

    c.) >>>Rss has not been working in firefox, Generously fix it.
    A few Comments on this, Clueless what to do/how to fix…

    d). >>>”While I found this particular article really interesting,
    I couldn’t help but to wonder whether or not the statistics
    you utilized are accurate. That claim seems…”
    Only very minimal stats, Is this spam? –baiting me –or real, enable it?

    e. >>>Thx for breaking this down for the remainder of individuals.
    We’d like much more of this! Thank you.
    THIS is sentence gets repeated –all placed on same post; post
    is in 1st page of SE results, read daily, getting 6 – 10 hits
    a day –and it’s two years old!
    What to do with Comment –enable –delete –write to Commenter and
    ask if they’re legit? lol

    f. >>>Why is the header spanning up the navigation menus? Shouldn’t it be
    on the top menu?
    –Translation? Remedy?

    g. Referrals: seem like scrapper/fake commercial sites, but they click
    on serious posts and rarely Comment, so what’s up with the odd referrals?

    Help please. Thanks for replying.

    The blog I need help with is


    Those are all spam. People in third-world countries are paid to go to blogs and site and leave messages like these that sound sort of legitimate, but they always lead to spam sites, or sites with malware or virus’s.

    Spam referrer links are the same. They are trying to get you to their site so they put up a fake link, click on it so you get a referral and then hope you bite and click on it.

    99.99% of what Akismet says is spam is spam. It doesn’t miss too often.



    Oooh, so not even one –NONE of the tech ?s are REAL? –They
    just invented ALL that stuff hoping I would enable their Comment?
    Pretty pathetic. You’ve seen these also? Whew, Alright! A few:
    I deleted the links and enabled, lol. I’ll delete all.
    Thanks Much, thesacredpath.

    –Hey, how did They know I’m tech illiterate? lol,
    So this means:
    DON’T need to search/find how to fix RSS in Opera, either? lol, cool
    (and site back to: non-hot status, lol)



    If I get a suspect spam comment I search for it in Google. For example a google search for “While I found this particular article really interesting, I couldn’t help but to wonder whether or not the statistics you utilized are accurate” shows this comment is in hundreds of blogs.



    13? 16? Spam – you are lucky – my main site has gotten 1072 Spam so far this month and this is still in the morning.

    Spammers are looking for the click or for you to approve them in the hope that another visitor will click on them or that Google will see the link and rank the site higher.

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