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comment spam, trackback spam, comment spam

  1. How good are you at spotting comment spam, pingback spam and trackback spam?
    Do you moderate your comments?
    Do your research the sending sites before posting comments, pingbacks and trackbacks?

    Can you spot a splog?
    There are at least 13 characteristics common to splogs. Can you list them?
    Can you add more characteristics of splogs to the list?

    This is an open invitation to join the discussion and share your experiences, the tools you use, and the tactics you employ to keep your blog free of bot generated and human generated spam. Please feel free join us here >

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Erh.
    Yes. (I do after a round of trial and big error)
    I don't even know what a splog is. *off to educate herself at your post*


  3. @taletellerin
    Every blogger needs to know how to spot a splog. The welcome mat out so come on over. :)

  4. @timetheif! I'm afraid I need your help with "spam" comments. I left a comment on a blog, and now that writer keeps leaving comments on my blog to try and lead my readers to his... Where he has dedicated part of a post to degrading my blog. I don't care much about what he said in his blog about mine, because hey, he's just leading his readers to me by putting the name of my blog and link. BUT, is there a way to block another blogger so he can no longer leave lame comments on mine? It's a huge inconvenience to have to delete them everyday. Especially when they just say something along the lines of, "Enjoying the extra views?" or, "There's no bad blood between us, come see what I wrote about you on my blog."
    Would sincerely appreciate the help!

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