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    One or two a day looking for moderation…

    They have these cutsey state-based urls like: or, which all lead to an under construction blog page (I’ve looked at the html, nothing there). I went to and ran an IP check on It isn’t on their blacklist.

    Is there any way to kill this IP, or Team Technologies, 1205 Technology Pkwy
    City: Cedar Falls
    StateProv: IA
    PostalCode: 50613
    Country: US


    I don’t have access to .htaccess, so how would I proceed?
    (I’ve already sent a nastygram to abuse@team… It didn’t bounce, no reply, and the spam’s still… edible.

    [Links removed – drmike]



    Staff has stated that they will not block IPs as this would mean possible users being blocked and it’s real easy to get around IP blocks. Heck, two feet into a new chair for me. :)

    I do hope you are marking them as spam.

    I’m going to go ahead and change the URLs in your posts so not to give them any link credit by the way.



    I figured it for some sort of ploy to get a few more pennies from adsense or something like that, but I didn’t realize that posting their link just furthered the scam… Dang your good!

    Yes… I do mark them as spam, but after using SpamKarma on my Y! hosted blog, it’s sort of anticlimatic… I marked one moderated message that slipped by as spam, and the next day I had a nice note from DeutcheTelecom in my inbox.



    I am having problems with Akismet since it is taking any comments on my blog as spam. Another user, Enkerli at is having the same problem.

    How do we correct this? Or is there a way to switch Akismet off?



    switch akismet off! *shudder* you must be kidding
    send in a feedback



    Insert “I’m not a staff member” warning…

    Change your ISP. A check of your IP address shows you’re in a well known nest of spammers as well.

    Folks, without pointing fingers towards any user here, Sympatico / Nexxia are long time, well known spammers who bin all complaints. I have large chunk of their IP blocks in my firewall and I will probably not ever remove them.

    You may also want to try Matt’s advice.

    If the house is burning down, don’t you get out?

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