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Comment spellchecker

  1. It would be so awesome if there was a spellchecker for comments.

    I really hate to go and edit comments, but I cannot stand spelling errors on my blog.

    I know that the googletoolbar has a spellchecker for forms, but apparently, many people do not realize this.

  2. Moved to ideas...

    Not everyone likes the idea of Google having their information as well. :)

  3. A spellchecker for comments would be okay. But the sites I visit are my own business.I know that I could have a "free" google toolbar, a "free" alexa toolbar, or a "free" yahoo toolbar "spying" on me and reporting my internet site preferences and purchases. Thanks very much but no thanks. Firefox is the "spyware free" web browser choice that myself and many others have made.

  4. Opera browser does spell checking in textareas, so it works with comments forms as well:

  5. What I mean is that it would be nice if there was a spellchecker for comments, built into wordpress, so that readers who leave comments, do not need a browser plugin. I want a built-in spellchecker for comments --like the one for the wysiwyg post editor.

  6. Well, that would require a wordpress plugin, which as we all know, you can't do that here.

    Suggest it in feedback.

  7. When it comes to writing comments I'm lazy and the results are lots of spelling errors because I never learned the correct way to type. The correct letters are usually there but I strike them out of order. I do however have a solution to this problem and so does everyone else. We all have word processing programs on our computer with spellcheckers in them. The solution is to use them to compose our comments and then copy and paste them into comment boxes. It's useful to know this because like babbler points out it isn't likely that we will be getting such a plug-in on any time soon if at all.

  8. For Firefox browser there is 'Spellbound Development', which I use and it is awesome. You check on your write post by right clicking. If you are using IE then there is IE Spell, works the same.
    Both work very well.

  9. DUH! [she said] I'll scuttle off now add "spellbound" to my firefox. Thanks for the useful information blumoon. :D

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