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    My comment numbers have been getting lower according to my stats. For example, my own comments began yesterday at 200 and are now at 196. Others who have left numerous comments are also being reflected as dropping.
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    Your comment numbers appear to be correct.

    Are you seeing this at ?


    Yes. Since my first message to you, my own comments have now dropped to 193.


    My personal comments are now at 188 and counting – backwards.



    Hm, just to be sure, did you recently change the email address on your account or delete any of your own comments?


    My email account has not changed and I deleted 3 of my comments about a month ago. BTW, as of now – I’m at 184. I used my comments as an example, but it’s happening to other commenters stats as well.


    It just seems to be an issue with the stats, because the actual comments, as I see from the pages of them, has grown from 57 pages of comments to 60. I haven’t changed any settings, so I don’t know if it’s a glitch on WP’s part.


    I looked at my actual comments and the number there is 229.



    Sorry for the trouble, we’ll look into this.



    It looks like the counter for comments in My Stats only totals the most recent 1,000 comments. So, as others continue to comments and you don’t, your number goes down.

    We’ll work on making that a bit more obvious.

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