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  1. Since you recently made some kind of change to how comment subscriptions are managed I am unable to delete subscriptions to old posts I've commented on. And I do not care to have to "log in" in order to do this, it worked just fine before going to delete them via the link in the most recent comment's email.

  2. We can't offer solutions without a link to the blog, starting with http.

  3. Same here. The new comment subscription page has bugs probably. I cannot delete latest comment subscriptions! It does not show any comment subscriptions after 7 November 2009! :(

    I guess they are still working on it! I am thinking of writing to support.

  4. Also, since some 2 days I am getting my own comment in my mailbox [just like Blogger comments!]!!

  5. As if all this is not enough, the link at the end of comment that you get in your mail box: | Thanks for flying with WordPress!

    Manage your subscriptions by clicking on this link:
    <b> </b>

    will lead you to the Blogs page and not the comments page! There are three options in Subscriptions there: Blogs, Comments, Settings.

  6. @vikasjnu Thanks for reporting these issues. We're looking into it.

  7. @designsimply,

    John of Polldaddy from Support replied to my support ticket saying the problem is at my end! I told him others too are facing the problem.

    1. We are getting even our own comments in mail box!
    2. Comment subscription shows about 46 comment subscription as a number but all I see there is about 20 subnscriptions! Also there is none after 7 November 2009!!!

  8. @designsimply,

    Also on some blogs [not mine], the "Notify me of follow-up comments via email" check box is showing twice. For example on this page while I am writing this comment:

    BUGS, BUGS!!!!

  9. I shut mine off. I'll turn it on again after the insecticiding is done. ;)

  10. I think they are working on it better late than never. I just got a subscribed comment in my mailbox that has a different GUI and looks!

  11. @vikasjnu, I didn't say the problem was at your end, I asked if you had used another email address. You can access the rest of your 49 subscriptions using the pagination links - 20 are displayed per page.

    There was a bug with comments being sent to their author. This has now been fixed

  12. allnoodles [John],

    I regret the error. You are right you had specifically asked that only.

    Problem resolved now.

  13. allnoodles [John],

    I think there is still some issue. When I try to unsubscribe to comments all I get is a white page!

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