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Comment to other wordpress blog not showing

  1. Hi everyone, I just noticed that my comment to other wordpress blogs are not showing. How do I fix this problem? Where are my comments stored?

    Please help.

  2. On the other sites. Those Admins may not have approved them.

  3. Which blogs? We need a link to an exact post to which you've tried to comment.

  4. Thanks notawoodpecker,

    Actually, the owner of the blog which I commented on is a friend of mine.

    So I tested another site and got the same error. Any suggestion notawoodpecker?


  5. I'm pretty sure GigaOm moderates comments. Did you see a notice to that effect when you commented there?

    Did you put any links in your comments? That can cause you to be sent to spam. It sounds like Akismet has classified you as spam and your friend should fish your comment out of his Spam file.

  6. I have approved comments for these sites already, been doing it almost every other day.. I actually Just encounter this problem yesterday so I emailed my friend right away and he told me that no comment took place on his blog..

  7. I've noticed several times in the last few days, that when someone leaves a comment on my site, I get an email (as usual).

    But the email is defaulting the comment to "spam" and asking me to approve it. I don't notice it until it's too late.

    I've had to go to my site and fish comments out of my spam almost 3 times lately.

    Not sure why I'm getting an email for a "spam" comment to begin with, but it seems to be stopping now.

  8. Ok, I'm testing this out one more try and need your help guys.. I will try to comment on your blog to double check this error.. is it ok?

  9. By all means, but make it quick. I'm about to go to bed. And put in the comment exactly what you put in the other comments which vanished, insofar as you can remember it.

  10. Oh, looks like it's working now. Please check it on your blog raincoaster.

  11. I'm doing it again and this time to teresasilverthorn.. please check.

  12. and to notawoodpecker also.

  13. Just commented on notawoodpecker and teresasilverthorn's blog, please check.

  14. It's there for now. I approved it temporarily but will probably delete it later.

  15. It just went to Pending, not Spam, so I have no idea about your friend's site.

  16. Thanks for your help notawoodpecker. To teresasilverthorns, how is it going on your blog? Please check.


  17. Looks like everything's back to normal now, I don't know why, but just the same, thanks for your help guys.. appreciate it very much.


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