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    Does anyone else out there think that it would be a nice feature to allow commenters to edit (or correct typos) their own comments, even if for a limited period?

    The blog I need help with is



    That would be a good feature. Usually I check twice before submitting. Any how If I do see typos in my comment box, I will correct them.



    In a word “no”.



    Okay maybe that was a crusty response so I’ll with draw it. lol :D


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    I agree with timethief:
    Before I came to, it seems that folk could edit their own comments here. Apparently lots of people took advantage of that, and threads became nonsensical with multiple edits.
    Most people can understand text speak (even me most times!) and typos, and still read (even excuse) what a person has typed.

    Questions and answers here get picked up by Google very quickly and edits here make problems when it comes to searching these forums.

    But as I’m a volunteer without access to the behind the curtain details, perhaps that will be allowed in futureā€¦


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