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  1. bondsofaffection

    I'm quite new to the blogosphere as a writer, and I'm getting some of my first comments and views, about which I am very excited indeed. I wonder though, if anyone can tell me if or how I can learn more about those viewers and commenters, past what country they are in. For instance, one of my first commenters was called, simply, Ani. No other information past that name. They had such a nice thing to say, I'm considering sending them roses, :P. Seriously, though, how much can we tell about the people who look at our blogs, and how do we get at that information? Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't get that info. You can ask in your replies to the comments, though.

    As blog owner, though, you DO have their email.

  3. bondsofaffection

    Not Ani's. And obviously, I don't want their address, really, but Ani's email isn't even shown.

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