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commenting does not work

  1. Some people in the German support forum reporting a problem with their comment box. They can not comment on any blog. All three login possibilities are showing "You are commenting with WordPress/Twitter/Facebook" and the "Send"-Buton does not work.

    Changing the browser doesn't help. Deleting Cache & Cookies does not help, too.

    First reported here:

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards
    Torsten (aka zodiac1978, moderator German support forum)
    Blog url:

  2. Please read my reply to a query about the problem commenting, in this thread:

  3. @absurdoldbird
    Did you notice this? Torsten (aka zodiac1978, moderator German support forum)

  4. Our problem with commenting is more kind of this, seems to be caused by an anti-virus programme-update.

  5. stoppelhops is right, it is a problem with Avira, an anti virus program, which is blocking this URL:

    (The server number is sometimes different and marked with a "*" in the URL)

    The problem is reported to Avira through a helpful user in the German support forum and will hopefully be fixed on Monday or Tuesday.

    Kind regards

  6. @TT - no, sorry, I didn't.

  7. Thanks for your help, Torsten!

  8. Several members of the german forum just got a new avira-update and commenting works again! Everything should be fine now.
    Lots of thanks for your help!

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