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Commenting is causing issue

  1. So I go to a blog and want to comment... I write a long comment and when I click post I am asked to login to

    I login then when I go back to the blog my comment is gone

    So I have to write it again, taking ages

    When I click post it shows, only now my username is linked to my Gravatar and not my website

    THEN later on my first post shows up too

    So its a complicated process, takes twice as long, then shows two posts. Any other blog I comment and its added, no messing around


  2. The site linked to your usrname is not a free hosted blog and those are the only blogs we provide support for on this forum. You must post to
    For clarity please read >

  3. Its not the site I had an issue with, I was just letting you know about a general issue you have with comments on sites (its happened to me a few times and very annoying). When you reply please bare in mind I took some time out to let you know about an issue and I did not have to do that. Thanks.

  4. Aha ...I'llk flag this thread for Staff attention.

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