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COMMENTING: Looping but not actually making it

  1. I use IE9 and Firefox11.

    I have noticed that, when I am logged in, sometimes I come across blogs that are difficult to leave a comment on.

    To wit: I prepare my comment, choose the appropriate URL (as I have two blogs), press the Leave Comment button, which then brings up a message asking me to log in to leave the comment. I look aghast and say to myself, but I am logged in! So, I then dutifully follow orders, put in my login details, which then brings me back to a now-empty comment box -- BAH!! I then proceed to make the comment again, etc and it just proceeds to go back to asking me to again login! LOL!

    What's happening? Usually these blogs I'm trying to leave a comment on, already have comments.

    PS: In Firefox cookies are enabled by default. 'Tho this commenting thing can be a problem too, sometimes.
    In my IE9 browser for third-party cookies, I have added http://* and https://* to my Trusted Sites list, along with my own blogs' domains in their various forms.

  2. Sadly this is a change that made. There's a sticky post on it, here, that you should read:

    and you can do a search for 'comments' or 'commenting' or any variation of the same, in the forums here and you'll find plenty of stuff on it.

  3. thank you, absurdoldbird, I'd already read that Sticky post. That doesn't solve my problem.

  4. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve anyone's problem. This is what I'm trying to say: it's not just happening to you, it's happening to many of us and nobody here is really helping us apart from repeating the same mantra of logging in or changing password or whatever. Search on the forum for other threads here, you'll see what I mean. Good luck. Maybe you'll have better luck than the rest of us have had...

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