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Commenting not working

  1. kourtneyheintz

    Comments are disabled on some of my posts. In the individual post the comments box is checked to allow comments. Under the settings/Discussion tab the automatically close comments box is not checked. Yet for posts dated May 2012 to September 5, 2012 no comments can be left by visitors who scroll back through the posts. The comments already written cannot be viewed because you cannot click on the link to view the entire post.

    If you click on the archives links for September and previous months the comments are there and viewable. There seems to be a glitch when a visitor tries to view earlier posts using the view earlier posts button.
    Blog url:

  2. Please take a close look at this link and note the double http://

  3. I chose some random posts and found comments were open on them

    Hopefully, your visitors understand that when they click into the Archives and locate a post title, they must click the post title to have the post display on its own page, where they can gain access to the comment box.

  4. Let me see if I can explain this more clearly. If you are on the current page of my blog and you scroll to the bottom and click "Load more posts" as a way of seeing previous posts, you cannot comment on previous posts from September 5th back to May of 2012. You cannot click on the blog post title to get to the comments because the link doesn't work.

    This problem affects posts from May 2012 to to September 5, 2012. If you look at older posts via the archives link (by month) on the left margin this problem does not exist.

  5. I am unable to reply comments in my blog.

  6. Just received this email from subscriber:

    "I posted a very short comment on your blog, and a window came up saying, “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    Not true. Then when I went back to the page for writing a comment, it said it was “awaiting moderation.” So I’ll be patient."

    What is the problem here?

  7. @kourtneyheintz
    Thanks for the additional information. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. It's my opinion that the people who cannot comment may have a browser issue. I think that because I can comment on your older posts and I'm using Firefox 15.0.1.

  8. kourtneyheintz

    Timethief, I'm running Firefox 15.0.1 as well and I have the problem when I scroll through my posts using the "load more posts" button. I think this is a wordpress glitch not a browser glitch. Thanks for flagging for staff attention :)

  9. Here is the link to the test comment I posted on your blog

  10. kourtneyheintz

    Timethief, the issue is affecting the posts in 2012 from May-September 5th. There is no issue with the 2010 posts.

  11. I apologize for that idiotic oversight on my part. You stated that in the OP *facepalm*

    Here's another link to a test comment I just posted on your blog

    I'm thinking this has to be a browser issue and I have flagged this thread for Staff assistance.

  12. kourtneyheintz

    No problem. I appreciate all your efforts to help! :)

    I did receive the test comment. But did you access that blog post via the Archives/June 2012 link on the left column or from the current blog post by scrolling to the bottom of the posts and hitting the "Load More Posts" button at the bottom of the screen?

    The issue is only occurring when a visitor accesses my posts using the "Load More Posts" button at the bottom of the screen to view older posts.

    If you went in through the Archives/June 2012 link, the commenting works fine.

    It's a very weird glitch. A visitor brought it to my attention. They seem to like to scroll back using the "Load More Posts" button.

  13. kourtneyheintz

    I tried viewing in Safari 6.0.1 and the same issue occurs as in Firefox.

  14. They can still comment if they just visit the post directly, but I see that the "x comments" link is missing on the front page once you hit "Load More Posts."

    We'll look into this.

  15. Thanks for looking into this. I was only made aware of the problem because a visitor couldn't comment on any of the posts when he hit "Load More Posts." He gave up at that point and contacted me.

    The weird thing is you cannot click on the title of the blog post and see the comments either. The link appears to not be working there too. But if you access the post via the search tool or the Archives/Month links, commenting works fine.

  16. Hi kourtneyheintz,

    I just pushed out a fix for Tarski. Please let us know how it works for you.

  17. kourtneyheintz

    Hi michaelfields,

    The fix worked. When I click "Load More Posts." I can see the comment link. I can also click on the title and see the entire post with comments. Thanks so much for resolving this!


  18. My comments are no longer being forwarded to my email. They appear on my dashboard, and I can approve them, but nothing beyond that.
    I tried changing my email to my gmail account, but no luck there either. Any ideas? It has been working beautifully until about a week ago.

  19. kourtneyheintz, Glad that this solved your issue :)

    sm00gle, Could you please open a separate thread for your issue? It is not directly related to this one. And this thread has been resolved by the owner. Thanks!

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