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    When I comment on my own blog (reply to commenters or add a new comment), it registers me as Anonymous and doesn’t use my gravatar, which is my face. I’m signed in. I used to be able to go and comment on anything on my blog and it recognized me as the blog owner. Now it does not. It thinks I’m an anonymous commenter, even when I’m signed in. Any thoughts? Thanks very much for any help.

    Matt Kailey

    The blog I need help with is



    You must be logged in to have pre-fill in your user information on comments.

    The Gravatar is tied to your email address. Use that email address, logged in or not, and your Gravatar will appear next to the comment. Double check which email you are using on your user profile to ensure it is the one tied to Gravatar.




    That seems to work. Thanks so much. It’s never made me fill that in before. I’ve always been able to just comment and as long as I’m signed in, it recognizes me without having to enter my e-mail. But it does recognize me when I put in my e-mail address, so that’s what is most important. I appreciate the information. Thanks again!

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