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    When commenting on other blogs, lately on, I’ve noticed that my name appears as the name of my blog, in this case as “sixtyeight”, instead of my nickname (as set in my user profile) or the name that it asks to appear as before posting. Is this a problem with WP or Blogger?


    The blog I need help with is


    Are you commenting using Open ID? I think this is a consequence of using open ID, and it cannot be changed.



    Yes I’m using open ID. I do not have the option to sign in automatically under my blog name enabled (if I set it to automatic, I always appear as “sixtyeight”). I have it set to verify each time on how to be displayed. Until last week I got my preferred name, and the last days I appear to be as my blog name. For example, this blog post is from May 17 where I commented as “Sandra”
    and now 11 days later I appear as “sixtyeight”
    and I have changed nothing in my settings.



    This is what I have to fill in when using WP OpenID, items between *..* are provided as I usually do and appear as Sandra. Only now it doesn’t work that way. This must be something from WP cause the verification is being asked by WP.

    Trust this site with your identity?

    The site has requested the following information be passed to it. You can edit the information before it is sent if you like.
    Requested profile information

    Your nickname: *Sandra*

    Your full name: *Sandra*

    Send this information to the site

    Do you want to pass your identity to
    *Yes, just this time*
    Yes, always





    Open ID as far as I’m concerned is a FAIL. In my experience it is far more trouble than it is worth. I would only get it to work every 3rd or 4th time I tried using it on sites where it was an option, so I finally gave upon it.

    Open ID is not a part of Automattic/WordPress. It is a separate thing altogether, so WordPress cannot “fix” Open ID.



    I always just use Name URL instead.



    Thanks for the help both of you, I’m gonna ditch the OpenID feature and use the Name URL. Never thought to look at that. Great tip raincoaster!

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