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    I noticed that after I comment on other’s blogs, if I click on my comment’s username, I get a page that says ‘this blog no longer exists, it has been deleted.’ I think somehow my username is connected to my old blog which I deleted (, but not connected to my current blog, How can I fix this so that people can click on my comment’s username and be directed to my active blog? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Dashboard – Users – Personal Settings (scroll down page to ‘Account Details’. Where it asks for ‘Website’ put the URL of your blog. When done, scroll down and click the ‘Save Changes’ button. Then when you comment in someone’s blog (or your own) the name you’ve set as a public display name will automatically link to your blog. In the forums, only your username will be shown, not your public display name unless it’s the same.

    To edit your public display name, go to Dashboard – Users – My Profile, and where it says ‘Display name publicly as’ type the name you’d like on your comments and associated with your blog post titles. If you think you won’t be posting any comments or replying to any comments, read on… you might change your mind. Don’t forget to scroll down and click the ‘Update Profile’ button!



    Thanks. I just tried it – the url that is in the ‘website’ space is correct. Still not working – I checked it by going to a blog that I commented on and clicking on my username in the comment box. Sent me to the page that states – ‘this blog no longer exists. author has deleted it.’ Any other suggestions?


    This is a long-shot, but try putting the URL for one of your pages in the website area instead. for instance:

    See if that’s any better.

    If not, then it might be a bug that needs looking into by staff (I’m a volunteer, like most people here).

    My thought (though I may be wrong) is that with just one letter’s difference between your old and new URL, the system is getting confused.

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