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    I’ve found that most of my potential audience comments through a blogger account. I like using WP for posting and the simple look of my blog, but if I can’t get this resolved, I may have to switch my blog over.

    I want people to be able to use their blogger accounts to comment on my WP blog, similar to the way I can easily comment on a blogger blog using my WP account. Is this possible?

    (I tried doing a search but after 20 minutes, could not find anything addressing this simple question)



    I think that the answer to your question is no. I think that you want your Blogger-based buddies to be able to supply their Blogger identities to That doesn’t work. It’s a one-way street.




    The answer to your question is no. They could get WordPress accounts, you could switch your settings so that people do not need to be logged into WordPress to comment, or they could get OpenIDs, which are recognized by

    But if you are going to insist on having your blog’s settings so that people need to be signed in to WordPress, then obviously only people will be able to comment on your blog.

    If you do NOT have your settings to “users must be logged in” then they can simply comment away with their email and/or URL just as they would on any site in the world. If they insist that the site must recognize their Blogger ID specifically, then they must constrain their comments to only Blogger blogs.

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