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    I have two email addresses. I use one for my blog at WordPress. I logged out of wordpress and tried to leave a comment on someone’s WordPress blog using my other email address. I got an error saying that the email address I tried to use is associated with a wordpress account. I don’t know what account that is, so I tried to log in to wordpress with that email address , and it says there is no user registered with that email address. So, I can’t use that email to comment, but I also can’t log into wordpress to change it.

    I think it may have been associated with a blog that I have since deleted, but apparently, it isn’t right now. How can I fix it so that I can use to comment on some WordPress blogs?



    Well, not really. I understand logging in to comment if I want to leave a comment with the email address associated with my blog, but if I’m using an entirely different email address that isn’t associated with WordPress anymore, I don’t understand why I’m getting the error.

    I think it would almost make more sense if you take my current wordpress blog out of the equation. When I try to comment using (email redacted), it says I can’t because it’s associated with a WordPress account, and that I need to log in. But, I can’t find where it’s listed anywhere on my profile or account, and if I try to log in using that email address, it says there is no account associated with it.


    I’ve had similar issues when I try to comment or “like” certain blogs. I think the issue may be caused by blogs as apposed to blogs. I have a account, and when I am on what appears to be a self-hosted blog (, I am unable to comment.


    That could be…although the one that I tried to comment on multiple times is a blog.

    My guess is that my email address is still linked to some old blog, but since I don’t have that blog or account anymore, I can’t do anything about it.


    I realized, too, that I probably shouldn’t have used my email address in my initial post. Hopefully, a moderator can redact it for me.


    Well, WordPress just messed up mightily with this one and decided not to do anything about it, period. If you log in you can only comment with the one email address, never mind if you have another avatar associated with another email addres.



    I have flagged this thread so Staff will remove the email address and provide some help as well.

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