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Commenting too quickly?

  1. I am trying to set up a new blog for family members and making some sample posts. I commented on my first post and tried adding a comment into the next post and got a WP page with the following text only:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Is there a time limit on comments per blog by a user? Even on your own blog? I've tried searching and cant find anything on this. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Simply move a little slower. The information is being cached and you're getting ahead of it. And no there is no limit to the number of comments you can post.

  3. Ok I have tried it in two browsers (IE7 and FF2.0.0.1) so far emptying the cache and found that if i am logged out it will add a comment but if logged in then it gives that message. Feedback is closed for the weekend so i guess I will see if anyone can help here or wait till Monday.

  4. That's weird and yes it does sound like you'll need staff help. I'm sorry I couldn't offer any helpful advice but at least you've found a work around. Have a good weekend. :)

  5. The warning applies to comments posted within less than a minute of one another; are you running into a problem with comments posted longer apart than that?

  6. no i dont think so there is any limits for blogs

  7. raincoaster....yes they are hours after each other. Here is what I have found this morning. It's only on one of my blogs. Only with my admin user acccout. I created a secondary account to test making an author, etc and that user is able to comment no problems. My main admin account cannot add a comment (even though I did comment on this particular blog right after making it yesterday). I also tried changing themes and same results so its theme independent. I am going to email support and see what they say as well. Just trying to figure it out before then iff possible. Real strange.

  8. Yes, there is a time limit between comments. IIRC, it's 30 seconds. There's no override within the system although the forums have one. (I requested staff turn it on for me here and at the WPMu forums as I used to hit it constantly.)

    It's a protection from spammers doing their automatted runs.

  9. The other way it can happen is if somehow you make a comment to the future. You cannot then comment until that time is gone. This usually happens when changing things in admin.

  10. Well I emailed support and then had some breakfast and came back and it's now working. I did make a post date go to the future yesterday but when i tried making the comments last night and this morning the post had already been changed back to current date. I'm confused just reading my own reply...sounds like a back to the future script line. Anyways it's working now!

  11. OK, now I'm lost. "Make a comment to the future?" Mark, do you mean making a comment to a predated post or if you were to go in and edit the comment to make it display at a later time?

    Gotta admit that I'm a bit concerned on #2 there. If that's correct, it would be easy as pie to go in and edit a comment left by someone else and have them blocked off from commenting every again.

  12. Sorry for the bump but I too am getting the "You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down." error...which is totally weird considering I cannot even comment back on my own blog and I haven't posted a reply anywhere since last night...

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