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Commenting with Multiple Blogs

  1. I have two blogs, a main one and a specialized, knitting one. I want to be able to comment on my knitting blog with the link that goes back to my knitting blog and not my main one, and visa versa. How can I do this? I don't see anything in the profile page.


  2. i have that same problem. what i do to solve it is that i put in the link of the second blog at the end of the comment like a signature. so in your comment, your main blog will be linked to in your username, and you have the second blog linked at the end of the comment.

    most of the time the bloggers don't mind. if they do, they'd just edit the comment to remove your blog url at the end of the comment.

  3. Yes, I was thinking about doing that, too, but I hate having to do it manually. I was wondering if there was a way to put a notice at the top of my first blog with the link to my second blog.

    I will definitely use your way until/if I find a better way.


  4. There is no better way available. At present your username can only be linked to a single blog so the work around that sulz gave you is all there is that you can use.

  5. No, you could also sign out in that window and put the stuff in manually with your own regular username. That way the link would look just the same as if you did it signed in, but it would go to the other blog.

  6. raincoaster has an alternative, though i would also suggest that in this way, you do all there is to be done in that one wordpress blog (ie checking stats, reading friend & tag surfer & my comments), before you log out and leaving comments with the other blog url you want to use . that way you won't have to keep logging in and out.

    i'm not sure about this, but i think that you may not be able to keep track through my comments because you left the comment while logged out. i think you have to be logged in to be tracked. but that's just what i think, 'cos i'm not sure! lol

  7. I guess what confuses me is that it seems like the blog that's designated as primary is the one that should link from my comment signature. I changed my primary blog but it seems to have no effect at all on my comments. What's the significance of designating a primary blog if not exactly this kind of thing? Help? <whimper>

  8. Your username is currently linked to this blog
    The place to the link to your primary blog is here -> Users -> Your Profile
    in the right hand column under "website"
    You can also change it here in the forum
    Click "View Your Profile" then click "edit this information" and change the blog url in "website".

  9. And do note it's not retroactive as far as I know. It won't change links on things you've already posted.

  10. I have this same problem. But mine is worse. My comments are linking to the obsolete blog on that I'm phasing out and I don't want any links to. So based on the above discussion, is it correct that there's no way to switch my comments to link to my "real" wordpress blog Would it help if I put in a support ticket, or are there support people monitoring these comments?

  11. is it correct that there's no way to switch my comments to link to my "real" wordpress blog

    If you have followed the instructions and changed the blog linked to your username then from that point on there will be no problem. However, doing tis is not retroactive. It's also not an issue for staff. It's up to bloggers to link their usernames to the blogs of their choice.

  12. Gotta agree with that TT :)

  13. Wow. I think I found it. Thanks!! It looks to me like the setting here in the forum is the one I had to change. As near as I can tell, the setting on my wp-admin profile was already set correctly, but the one here had to be changed.

  14. @jerrywaxler
    Your're welcome. I love happy endings. :)

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