CommentLUV – how to better change (1)10 last post(s) and…?

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    While commenting other blogs CommentLUV presents 10 last posts or if you have not commented yet then 1 last by default

    Is it possible to change the last publications and how to do it better:
    –> make draft –> publish again?

    –> copy –> delete old one –> publish copy?

    Since I am sank in ocean of results by commentLUV.
    I’d appreciate if you answer:
    Can I have commentLUV on blog
    I do not find it
    (I use iNOVE theme)

    The blog I need help with is



    CommentLuv cannot be used on free hosted blogs. It’s a plugin for installs.



    Just to add a bit more please be aware that there is not FTP access to free hosted blogs and we bloggers cannot install individual plugins. vs The Differences


    And how to better change the last 10 my published articles
    appearing in commentLUV while commening other blogs?



    You can’t. What you published it what is fetched and displayed.


    I do not ask about what I published.
    I ask about what is displayed by commentLUV while commenting other blogs.
    And how to better change it

    If I delete the last 10 articles how would it show them?



    If you delete the last 10 articles from your blog you will bite off your nose to spite your face. Every time you delete a post the search engines like Google have already indexed you create a 404 (page not found). Google only clears their caches every 3 – 6 months so for that whole time anyone who clicks the links will experience a 404 and the sucks when it comes to trying to build a decent reputation for you blog.

    The bottom line here is that this forum is for questions about software and features. Yours is not a issue. It’s a commentluv issue and you ought to be posting to commentluv support rather than here. So please do that, okay?


    Ok, thanks a lot

    Really, I was there
    but didn’t find it at first

    Now that you mentioned I searched for small hidden links and found it


    Still it is abt blog
    b/c I want to meddle with my blog
    (not with other blogs or their plugins there)

    If I change status of my14th as old published article from Published to Draft and then from Draft to Published (saving changes),
    will not this article appear as the last (most recently) published, i.e. 1st one
    in my blog and in commentLUV list of my 10 last posts?

    What is wrong with it?

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