Commentors’ avatars disappear and reappear on comments

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    AS the title states, commentors avatars will appear and diappear from their posted comments. All avatars have yet to appear at the same time. What’s going on?



    there must be some lag-be-gone between us and today.



    Anyone? Bueller???



    I haven’t seen any problems on my blog or any other blog I’ve visited lately.

    It would help if you would give us the link to your blog though. We can’t help you with something we can’t see..



    Hi, there. I’ve got a problem with my avatar, too.

    I’ve got an avatar, but it doesn’t appear at all beside any of my comments which are in the “Recent Comments” widget of my sidebar. I’m using the “Ocean Mist” template. My blog is

    Thanks very much for your help!



    Avatars are not retroactive. They will not display on comments made before they were first displayed. There is also a delay when it comes to new avatars or replacement avatars displaying too. They first display on the global tag pages and this forum. Later they display on comments you make on blogs, including your own, provided that you are signed into when you make them.

    If you just selected an avatar I recommend waiting for it to display in comments. I can see it fine here in the forum. If it doesn’t display by tomorrow then you will need staff intervention.
    HTH :)



    Hi, timethief.

    Very prompt response! Thanks! I chose my avatar more than two weeks ago. I do see my avatar here, and that is indeed strange. I’m always logged in whenever I post my comments in my own blog. I did post a comment about two weeks ago at the 12angrymen blog, and my avatar appeared beside my comment there. It also appears whenever I log in, with the message “Welcome, melcartera”. But for some reason it just wouldn’t appear beside my comments inside my own blog.



    Two weeks is right out of line. Something is wrong that staff will have to fix. They need to be contacted and given the details. Support hours are 9-5PM Pacific time on weekdays and you can use this link
    Best wishes for a happy ending. :)



    My avatar worked retroactively, but now it doesn’t show up in my sidebar. Oh, well. I’m at


    Avatars seem to be caught up in something as there are others experiencing problems as well. It could be due to tinkering or updating in the shadows.



    Sounds strange, but if it is not showing up by tomorrow in your sidebar (comments right?), then maybe change the avatar to the same one again and see if it takes the second time!


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