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    The comment waiting moderation is coming from, or auto generated from, my own blog! What do I do?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    Those are called pingbacks:

    Can I stop self-pings?


    Self-pings (pings within your own blog) are found useful by some, annoying by others. Those who find them useful feel that if someone finds the old post that they will see the link to the new post. But some still disagree.

    Normally when you create a link, the entire URL including http:// is used. That will cause a self-ping.

    To prevent self-pings, shorten the URL from this:

    to this:


    Note: The visual editor may add the domain information back into the link. To check that, you must switch to the HTML editor and make sure the link is displayed correctly in the href attribute for the link before publishing.


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    You can approve self pings or not. Some people like them because the show links in older posts to newer posts. Some people don’t. One reason is that they appear in “recent comments” widget unless you wait until they are older than the last “recent comment” shown.

    You can disable all pingbacks (even those going to other sites) as well:


    Thanks. Although it doesn’t explain why its acting up now and not before. My next issue is double posting to my two Blogs. Only one is specified.



    Start a new thread for that.


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    I can’t explain why you are suddenly getting self-pings, unless you unwittingly changed something.

    Times might have something to do with it.
    You have a post on the Jack Cade blog called The Nameless Things published 20 Aug. 2012 at 12:34am which is essentially a link to the poem of the same title on the Poetry Matthew etc. blog. It shows a pingback on the same date, but at 6:36 am. I cannot see what time the post itself was published there though.


    Thanks for checking into it. It helped.


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    You are welcome. Perhaps there is another volunteer who knows more about this…

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