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  1. I started this new blog ( and it is showing comments from visitors and my reply comments from a blog I deleted How do I delete those comment from my new blog.

    Thanks, Jerry

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where are you seeing these comments? Looking at your site, there's only a single post and no comments.

    If they are in your Dashboard, you can simply delete them using bulk edit actions.
    bulk delete comments -

  3. Also, if you've deleted the site jersgraphs, you'll want to change the current link in your username to your new website under your Personal Settings on your homepage.

  4. Thank you Jennifer

    Hopefully the snapshot will show.

    If not I also included a direct link to the snapshot.

    My Dashboard is where I'm seeing comments from the old site. I believe I've changed everything you suggested.

    Thanks, Jerry


  5. Well wonderful. I get dropped without the problem being solved.

    Thanks support.

  6. Sorry, life intervened as it does, without asking. And FWIW-I'm a forum volunteer not support. This is for the most part a peer-to-peer support forum.

    As to your comments, I'm not sure why those would still show up since you've deleted the old blog. I would have assumed that those would disappear from the "Your Stuff" in the Dashboard as well. They will start to disappear as you make and have comments on the new site.


  7. Thank you so very much for getting back. Yes, life does intervene at times whether we want it to or not. Such as I got the flew shortly after my last post. All is well now. I will wait to see what happens. :)

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