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  1. Hi,
    My blog: keeps recieving rude comments from Sheevmister (Daniel) saying the following.

    go to the best site ever and leave this ****** **** hole

    I have had like 40 of these comments, but I deleted most of them. BUT THEY KEEP COMING BACK!
    I currently have like 25 in moderation.
    These comments are inaprppoiate and im tired of seeing them.

    I emailed Support 2 times, but Anythony is not helping to good.

    In order for me to do that, I have to approve them and then the little kids who visit my blog would be viewing them. I cant have that.

    Ugh, what should I do.

  2. Can you not just modify the comment a little - so that support can see it, but remove foul language and possibly links?

  3. That would be editing over 30 comments for them to see.

  4. Staff can see them in his dashboard. They have access to everyone's dashboard. I suggest contacting staff although I'm not sure what can be done other than blacklisting him under settings > discussion.

  5. I have done it 2 times.
    Antony keeps saying,
    Please provide us URLs of these comments.

    Automattic |

    But I do not want the little kids to see the inappropriate comments. I told Anthony to look in the dashboard, but he continues to say the same thing.

  6. If all the comments are from the same guy, surely you only have to modify one or two. Remove the inappropriate language.

    And can you not mark them as spam? surely eventually akismet would learn?

  7. A few months ago, Mark warned me to not spam comments. And since a few days ago, I was blocked from tags, because of people leaving inappropriate comments. I just need something done about Daniel.

  8. Send this to Support. It will only be dealt with there.

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