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    Right now I’m using the Dark Wood theme because I like the stacked comments. I don’t like the color though. Is there a more colorful theme I can use that shows my viewer’s comments in that way? I downloaded childishly simple but how do I apply it to my blog? Would I have to start from scratch? I’m trying to avoid that.


    The blog I need help with is



    Regardless of the theme we use, we can choose to have either threaded or nested comments or not.

    4. Enable threaded (nested) comments __ levels deep- Turn on this option to allow visitors to reply to other comments inline/nested. When turned on it can allow for better discussions and responses. We suggest using a maximum of 3 levels deep. Anything higher and the theme layouts may not work as expected. Note: Enabling the setting only applies to new comments since existing comments don’t have any threading date. However, disabling this setting applies to all comments.



    You can use the Themes Showcase search box filters (color) to review themes that meet that “colorful” description. All themes are showcased and have theme descriptions and live demo sites here
    see also >

    Note that we Volunteers do not assist with theme selection as it’s subjective decision making process and there are over 200 themes. We are focused on providing assistance with support issues only.

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