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    Hi, i have an issue where there is this person who comments on my blog and is seemingly quite rude and obnoxious. I know there is a trash button, and not approving the comment, but is it possible to block them from seeing the blog?

    the IP address is from:
    his email is: (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is


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    If your site is public, then everyone who wants to can look at it. You cannot block a single user. You can block an IP address, but that would block many others as well.

    You can spam the comments and once Akismet “learns” that they are spam you won’t see that person again. Or you could set your blog to private and invite only the folks you like to view it.



    I’ve blocked specific users. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember how, but fool around in Settings and you’ll find someplace where a box comes up to type in names of those you want to block. I had some anti-baseball lunatic using the names of players as his own, and had to type in several. Eventually he gave up.



    I have a question on a different comment issue. Lately several comments have appeared under images by themselves rather than the post. The images are from the post, but the post doesn’t appear. How can they do that and how can I prevent it?

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