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  1. Can Someone Tell Me How To Put A HTML Code In The Sidebar because i want a poll.
    Can Someone Tell Me Set It So I Dont Have To Aprove Comments But I Want It Still To Block spam.

  2. There are no elegant poll widgets that can be used on blogs. There are html polls that we can use (not javascript) and these are the 3rd parties that suply them free of charge.

    The page to set up your comments preferences on is here -> Options -> Discussion

  3. ok that solves 1 problem

  4. There are no dynamic sidebar poll widgets that can be sued on blogs but you can create and link to link to a third party site.

    Also note that the comments preferences can be set individually on each post to over-ride the preferences you set on the Discussion page. On the Write -> Post or Write -> Page page, if you look to the far right hand side beyond the editor's box you will see a row of blue buttons. The top one is "Discussion" and if you click it it will open so you can set the comments for the particular post or page as you choose.

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