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  1. Comments are no longer showing up on my blog. They used to be there, but are now gone except for the latest post. How can I get them back? Thanks. Bisogno

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Do they still show up in your dashboard where all comments show and are you the only administrator for the blog?

  3. That's a fault with the theme you're using: the comments are there alright, but you only get a comments tab for the latest post. Switch to any other theme.

  4. Do you mean comments or the ability to comment, i.e. the comment box? I just checked and at the moment at least the first three entries have comment boxes.

  5. pornstarbabylon: They are all in my dashboard and I am the only administrator.

    panaghiotisadam: If it is a fault with the theme, why did they show up for a month or two?

    justjennifer: That's interesting. I can only see "leave a comment" at the bottom of the latest post.

    This is very frustrating because now no one can figure out where to leave a comment. One now has to click on the post title to leave a comment, but no one can see them. Only I can see them in my dashboard.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the double post.


  6. pornstarbabylon

    Have you contacted Support? Describe to them in detail what's happening and hopefully they can help.

  7. Yeah, I guess I'll have to do that. Thanks.


  8. @mrbisogno: I don't know what you saw "for a month or two", but I know I've noticed this problem with Emire since last February - see here:

  9. I don't know what to tell you. I had the comments bubble at the bottom of each and every post until mid to late August 2009.

    I have contacted support. Maybe they can shed some light on this.


  10. From wordpress support: It seems that Emire always displayed the comments link only on the 1st post.

    I must be losing it! Anyway I guess I'm stuck unless I choose a new theme, or buy the CSS upgrade.


  11. Well, if you don't want to switch to another theme, you can manually add a comment link at the bottom of each post (in the html post editor). Code model:
    <a href="URL_OF_POST_HERE#respond">Comments</a>

  12. Thanks, I'll give that a try.


  13. That worked like a charm. I was able to get the little bubble comment icon in there too and changed the color of "leave a comment".

    Is there a way to make "leave a comment" a rollover so it changes color when you mouse over it? The latest post has a roll over, but not sure if wordpress gives you the capability to do that anywhere else.


  14. I guess I wasn't crazy after all. Comments are back under all my posts. Anyone else using Emire have their comments back?

    I'll wait a few days to make sure they stay around before removing the comments I added using panaghiotisadam's code model.


  15. Apparently staff corrected this stupid idea of the designer of the theme. Checked it in my tests blog too - many thanks for letting us know.

  16. No problema!


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