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  1. My site is no longer displaying comments, including ones that have already comments on them. They are no longer even showing up. The allow comments box is checked on posts, and I have double checked my discussion settings.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi schtick82!

    I can see comments on this post could you post a link to a post that is not showing comments but that you know have them?

  3. I just checked the site again, still not showing any comments or even the box to make a comment. I did check on chrome after my usual mozilla and on that it was showing up fine. Mozilla has not had this happen before, been using for years with no issue.

  4. Can you try to clear your browser cache - - and see if that helps as I do see comment box on all your posts and that points to it being a browser issue on your side.

  5. Cleared and restarted browser, still not showing up. At least its not like that everywhere, I will mess around with some mozilla settings.

  6. Just check that you have the latest version of Firefox installed as the comments show when I checked in Firefox and in Chrome -

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