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  1. Why are we being automatically added to other blogs as followers when we leave comments? This is wrong,we can choose who we follow.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you mean you're being email subscribed, the blog is showing in your reader, or you're getting automatic emails every time someone else comments on that post?

  3. I've noticed every time I leave a comment the box is checked to be notified when someone else leaves a comment,and the mail starts pouring in.It happens automatically if I forget to uncheck the box.

  4. This is another of AutoMATTic's "great ideas" (sic) and given that it has been around this way for a good number of days and has not been changed back to "opt in" I expect this is the new normal.

  5. Just adding my displeasure with the new "great idea"

    I sometimes forget to check the default box to stop getting notification of new comments, and depending on how popular the blog I left a comment is, I get flooded with emails.

    during three years of blogging, this is quite likely the worst move from WordPress. Makes absolutely no sense. Worse than that only the captcha of other hosts, that really drives me nuts ;-)

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