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  1. Anyone else having problems with comments on their blog? Comments are not registering on my blog:

  2. Yep. I'm getting the duplicate comment error:
    And there are other people reporting different kinds of errors as well:

    I'd recommend you send a Support ticket to staff from your Dashboard with as much specific detail as you possibly can, and do it NOW, because they close for the weekend in an hour.

  3. Just submitted a support ticket with the following text:

    Looks like comments are down. Giving duplicate posts error messages or not posting at all. Creating a blank comment entry by Anonymous but with no text.

  4. Looks like they're working on it. Got a "Server down for Maintenance" message :)

  5. Reported it - it follows you if you look around your own blog, it will say Anonymous on [blog entry].

  6. Could this be a hacker attack?

  7. Nope, I seriously doubt it is a hacker. I suspect it's staff mucking around with something in the back yard or a server issue of some sort (just in time for the weekend).

    I just checked my .com blog and it has the same issue.

  8. When ever me(or someone else) comments on my blog, when I go to moderate the comments, the name just says Annoymous and has nothing in the comment part of it. Weird......

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