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    Hi, I got a question today whether or not all the comments can be displayed on one place? I don’t see anything on the dashboard that would allow that but I’m rather new so I’m not sure, thanks for your help !

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about on the public side of the site?

    If so, that might not make much sense. Comments are typically made on posts and pages, so they have a connection to, and are about that post or page. Taking them out and putting them all in one place takes the comments out of their context and that could get confusing. Also consider that comments are in some instances like a conversation, and people could actually comment on a comment, and moving all the comments into one large jumble would not only take away the context and connections between them, but also make for some really confusing reading.

    If that is what you were wanting to do, it is not possible, and not advisable.


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    You can show up to 15 of the most recent comments in your sidebar with the recent comments widget:


    actually didn’t want to take them out of each post or page, some folks comment on several threads at once and wanted to know if there was an easier way than visiting each thread. No biggie tho, I did expand the comments sections on the sidebar. Thanks for your help :)


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    You are welcome.

    some folks comment on several threads at once

    Do you mean that a commenter will say something on one post, then refer to other posts in that comment instead of going to the other posts?

    You can edit comments:
    (in which case, you’d just copy the comment to the other appropriate threads, leaving the original comment in placeā€”IMO, though, that could become confusing)

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