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Comments and Borders Help

  1. Hello :)

    I'm new to CSS and am learning as I go.

    I am using the Pressrow theme and moved my navigation bar. In doing so, I somehow deleted the links for commenting on each post plus the border in between posts. Can anyone help me with codes for this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It appears as though you have pasted the entired CSS in the CSS Editor. If that's correct, then that's not recommended.

    I would suggest you to read this article:

    If you remember what you've changed so far, I'd recommend you cleaning up your CSS leaving your changes only in the Editor.

    I'll see what I can do for you when I get home.

  3. Thanks so much. I changed everything back to how I had it before I copied and pasted the original CSS so hopefully that will help.


  4. It seems that you already solved your problem?

  5. No. It still only shows the posts on the homepage without the option to comment. Their used to a footer below each post said said "comment" and show how many comments had been made. I can't get that back for some reason.

  6. My grammar was terrible. Sorry for that. Long morning. Let me rephrase.

    On the homepage below each post there, originally, was a footer that had an option for readers to comment. It also showed how many comments had been made on the post. For some reason it has disappeared and I can't get it back.

  7. nevermind. Deleted the footer changes and that helped.

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