Comments and posts I make on theThe Daily Post at don't show up.

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    Suddenly comments I make on The Daily Post at while signed under my wordpress account don’t show up. I tried commenting on other people blogs with no result. This has happened suddenly. Other than that my account seems to be in order.


    Moderator Emeritus is not a site.

    Are you using a account?



    They are moderating comments. It’s up to the blogger there if they show your comment or not.



    Yes, I am using a wordpress account and no, my blog is not a wordpress blog. However, any comment I make on any other wordpress blog does not show up at all. I have been posting on the dailypost at wordpress for months with no problems.

    I was not aware that they are moderating comments. There is no notice about that, nor is there any guideline stating that you must link your comments to a blog.



    Also, is there a way to get to the bottom of this? I can’t find any way to contact the moderator of the Dailypost at wordpress in order to find out what the issue is.

    Since my comments made on ANY wordpress blog are not showing up, there must be a problem with my account in general.

    It’s frustrating because I have so involved in this community and I am completely cut out, aside from being able to “like” a blogger.


    Hi, riisho! Your comments were being diverted to spam – you should be okay from here on out.



    Thanks a bunch!



    Well, my comment on Dailypost is showing waiting moderation, however any comment I make on other blogs still don’t show up. I guess the question is, can my account be fixed? And why would my comments end up in a spam folder?

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