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    I have two new comments about two of my blogs but the are listed under Spam. Are these genuine comments from other bloggers? I am new to all this so I am a little confused as to what constitutes Spam.



    If you are sure they are not spam then approve them. However, do note that the spam filter Akismet rarely sequesters an comment that is not spam and spammers who want us to post their links on our blogs are very cunning.


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    If the comment is very vague: Great Post, or You bring up some good topics, or I will bookmark you
    then it’s probably spam.
    If it’s on an old old post and your blog is topical, then it is probably spam.
    If the link to the commenter’s site is spammy, then it’s probably spam.
    If the commenter provides you with links for cheap drugs, make money fast, or gambling, then it’s probably spam.

    Askimet usually guesses correctly about which comments are spam, but on the rare occasion when it’s wrong, you can move the comment out of the spam folder.


    Thank you Timethief and Itess,
    I think one is genuine as she has a blog here. Not too sure about the second one. But thanks for your help.



    Hello again. It takes time to be able to discern a spam comment from a legitimate one because there are people who are hired to post spam comments. This post may be helpful.

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