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Comments Archive?

  1. Hi Guys,

    Would it be possible to add a bigger "comments archive" to the themes? A comments subscription feed may also be useful. Esp for busy sites this would be incredibly helpful. I got an unusually large number of comments and people are having problems to keep track of what's happening...

    - SG


    if you add the 'meta' widget to your sidebar, it has a link to that feed.

  3. Alright, that would take care of the feed; thanks. But I'd still like an archive of some sort, for the actual users who browse over and would like to take part in the discussions. My tiny little blog got a small surge in comments the other day, and people who do not have access to the admin site have a hard time finding the new comments. The feed wouldn't help much unless you poll it regularily.

    - SG

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