Comments are going to the image page instead of on the post

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    When I review the comments before approving, 98% of them are on the image, instead of the post. If I approve them, they don’t show up with the corresponding post. In my dashboard, the comment is associated with the image, and says view attached page. When I click on that, it shows scores of comments beneath the image, but not the text of the post. When I view the post online, it displays only the comments which have been entered in the comment box. I think I accidentally let one of my images be linked to a separate page. But I went through and removed all those links; didn’t seem to make any difference. Now, on my latest post, I made sure there was no link to the image page. And yet, still, someone’s comment still came up with the image only. There was one comment entered in the appropriate box, and it is displayed with the post. Do I have a technical problem, or do I just have lots of commenters who don’t know where to enter their comments? What do you suggest?

    The blog I need help with is

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