Comments are not sorted in order by date and time. Why?

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    Hello moderators and programmers of I have a question specified in title, and I wonder what can it be. In start I apologize about my english, you know, that’s not my mother language, but I hope you’ll understand what I asked you. Also I’ll ask you about a blog that isn’t mine, I think that’s not a problem.

    In a blog that I visit from time to time and leave comments, suddenly appeares some mistake about comments – they are rumble-tumbled, some of them that got to be last show somewhere in the middle, and some that would be in the middle show at the and. You can see that by yourself in these posts

    when you look in date and time you’ll see that they are not in order as they should be. The problem didn’t existe till put the option ‘replay’ in comments.
    The same thing appeared last year in blog of the same owner, in post

    What it can be? Is that some bug in wordpress, or the site is hacked with some trojans, or maybe combination of using ‘replay’ function and using html codes produces mistake? Or when moderator delete some comments the rest switch the order caused with some bug in wp?

    I hope you have the answer. Cheers!

    The blog I need help with is


    They have comment threading turned on, which means that people can reply to specific comments on the blog. That reply might be made days, weeks or months after later, but they are kept directly below the comment that they replied to. You can also make a regular comment (not a reply to another comment) and those will be in order by date with the rest of the top level comments.




    yes, it’s thrue, yout first part of the answer is correct, but the second isn’t. You see, when you leave a regular comment (after that rumble-tumble in comments), it doesn’t apear at the end (as the last one), no, it goes somewher in the middle. And the next one, and so on… Why?

    There’s a lot’s of comments on that blog, and when you read them later – all the story is complicated to figure what someone says, when it says, and simmilar.


    There does appear to be some out of order and I’m not sure why that is. It would be something you need to ask staff when they get back on the 19th I think.



    Ok man, thanks for offering a help.

    I hope the admins of wordpress will answer on this question and problem, cause it’s about wp mistake, cause there’s only two possibilities:

    1. there’s a bug in wp,
    that produces wrong sorting and appearing regular comments after deleting some nesting comments (and also making mess in order of other comments)


    2. there’s a security problem in wordpress,
    and someone left the trojan or worm or something that effectuates the same thing as the wp has a bug

    Anyway, let’s wait the stuff to get back from holidays or something, they will know, I sopose.


    #2 is virtually impossible here. This is probably the most secure blogging platform on the internet.



    Yes, probably, I read that wp is very secure. But… look at this scenario,

    no 3:

    In admin panel there’s a sentence “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”. This is a thing for that – if you have some wrong codes in post they can make your page all messed up.

    And lets put that situation in comments:

    -Someone left a comment with a wrong code (for bolding letters, quoting, or something like that), and that comment put in nested (threaded) comments.
    -Moderator erased some of those nested comments.

    Does those two things together can mean all the comments will be screwed up? In some cases of course.


    The “WordPress should correct… ” only applies to posts and pages you create in the dashboard. What is does is keep you from making HTML mistakes that can severely screw up your blog. That is all. In my opinion that should be turned on by default since I’ve spent way too many hours here in the forums helping people straighten up screwed up code in their posts and pages that completely trashed their blogs.

    I’m not sure if wordpress checks syntax in HTML in comments or not. I sort of suspect they do since it could possibly mess things up royally.



    Absolutelly, I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve noticed something interesting… in admin panel, when it says “Syndication feeds show the most recent ITEMS”. That means on rss reader you got 10, 50, or maybe 100 posts or comments. Interesting thing is that last year this sentence was “Syndication feeds show the most recent POSTS”, you see, not ‘items’ but ‘post’, but it was also efecutated on comments in rss. This sentence is changed this year I think.

    And lets apply this logic on wrong html codes. If it’s valid for post, maybe is valid for comments too – wrong codes in nested comments (in combination with something) can make totally mess. And if I’m write, this would be enormous hole in wp platform, cause everybody with minimal knowledge of html codes can make a problem on every blog, with wrong invisible codes for example (for underlining, color, etc that doesn’t show neither in admin panel neither in posts).

    I think wp programmers will know exactly what’s the problem when they come back, thank you anyway for your support.


    There are very few HTML codes that are allowed in comments here, so I know that they are filtering. If you put code that is not allowed, it will either appear as standard text, or it is stripped out.

    The labeling of things is changed all the time to improve clarity. That is all part of software development.



    Ok, you explain that nicely, codes that are not allowed can’t efectuated on this, cause they stripped out in most cases. That doesn’t exclude wrong allowed codes.

    But from time to time I’m in situation on diferent blogs to have mistakes how is shown some text in which I use codes, for example, I bold one sentence, but appears couple of them bolded, or qoute two paragraphes separaterly but they appear qouted together, and I check twice for mistakes, but no, everything is correct in written but shows wrongly. And now, if this exists (and exists) as the bug in wp, maybe can be the part of the reason of this problem, together with wrong codes.
    Maybe is the best to heare the experts, or if you have some more ideas please tell them. Thank you once more.



    You seem to be mixing answers to old questions and newer questions – I’m not sure why replies you are happy with.

    With regard to your codes issue thesacredpath has given you the right information – the correction only happens on posts/pages and not comments. If you submit a comment and the tags are wrong they were typed that way.

    As for right now I do not know. But I do know that this would be an extremely rare issue and it will be difficult if not impossible to find.



    O hi Mark, you’re back.
    I figured what’s the problem, I think you’re not programmed that thing with nested comments very well.

    You can try yourself, I tried couple of times, and every time is error.

    For example, on some blog test this: leave four comments, and let it be there content ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4’. Now make a reply twice to first and the third comment, and there content let it be ‘1-1’, ‘1-2’, and ‘3-1’, ‘3-2’.

    And now put the third comment (with a content ‘3’) on moderating (mark it as not approve, or spam). What happens? Comments ‘3-1’ and ‘3-2’ are gone at the end of all comments. (You can see this from another browser). And when you leave next comment with a content ‘5’, it will be before comments ‘3-1’ and ‘3-2’.

    And that is what is wrong about this.

    When can you fix this?


    Wawyblog is right: if you remove a comment, orphaned replies to that comment will drop below all other comments no matter what their date.


    I wrote about this to WordPress some time ago without resolution. Deleting threaded comments is a real pain! It used to be fine until WP introduced the concept of trash.

    In the “good ole days”, when you brought up the edit-comment admin page to delete comments, they (the comments) were shown in threaded order. This meant that you could easily delete a comment and its “children” – even if they (the children) were made days, weeks or months after the parent.

    Since the introduction of trash, the comments are now displayed in strict chronological order. Deleting a comment and its children is now nigh on impossible, resulting in far more orphaned comments.

    I have explained this is minute detail, but the peeps at WP just don’t seem to get it.




    yes, that is the shortest definitiont of this issue, thank you.

    I gave the simplest model of this error in previous comment, with 5 (9) comments in nest, but imagine what happens when it’s 50 comments on some post… pretty mess. And I asked for that blog where is usually from 50 to 250 comments per post – it’s total haos with this issue.


    I didn’t know somebody reported this problem before.

    I hope the stuff will answer when this will be fixed, cause I sopose it’s not a big deal for programmeres to beat this, but is enormous problem for bloggers and commentators.



    Hello programmers of!

    Did you already fix that problem on nested comments that we describe in previous couple of comments, cause people have started to turn off nested comments as function cause that is not programmed very well?



    Posting in the forum is not the best way to contact staff: that’s from your Dashboard, via the Help tab.



    Oh, i don’t care, I’m just polite, if you turn off nested comments function – this error in programming is now just a problem of wordpress stuff:)


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