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comments being deemed spam

  1. Any comments received as "spam" turned out not to be spam. Why can we not have the option to disable this? Its pretty annoying and I am about to dump my account.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The spam filter Akismet is wrong, but very rarely (from personal experience).

    Could you give us specific examples of comments that Akismet marked as spam and which, in your opinion, are not spam?

  3. Some of the approved comments looked real spammy to me

    You might also think about using the More Tag to make your blog easier to navigate.

  4. Looked spammy...

    Unless spam sends you messages asking why comments have yet to be shown...

    Regardless, I believe I am pretty good at picking out what is spam, and what is not. I don't need a spam filter to babysit. Bit if that is WordPress policy, suppose I have no choice. As for other spam, I can't see it yet. Apparently it takes "hours to appear". Well, if it cannot allow me to see straight away, why get rid of it?

  5. Over 80% of all comments sent to the domain every day are spam. The worst of it would bring down a lot of blogs if opened, as many contain malware and viruses, etc. Those spam comments do not appear in our Moderation queues as they are security risks known to Akismet. We cannot disable Akismet on our of free hosted blogs. If you want to run a blog without a spam filter then you will have to hire a web host and set up a install.

  6. yes spammers have sent messages asking why their comments were not approved.

  7. I believe I am pretty good at picking out what is spam

    Would you care to see how an experienced fellow forum volunteer tells real comments from fake spammy comments?

  8. This post contains some tips for spotting spam comments, pingbacks and trackbacks

  9. @inn0minate:

    a) Please link to the blog in question.

    b) To be able to see your spam, you need to go to Settings > Discussion and check the option "Don’t discard spam on old posts".

    c) blogs attract much spam, so Akismet saves you from a lot of trouble. In my blog I've got about six thousand genuine comments so far, and Akismet has caught about forty thousand spam comments so far. I don't see why I should be doing this manually. As airodyssey already pointed out, Akismet is very rarely wrong: of all those forty thousand comments it caught, less than five weren't actually spam (plus less than five spam comments escaped Akismet).

  10. @panos: The URL was (back when the user wasn't erroneouslly marked Inactive by the forum software).

    All 3 are 100% spam.

    Akismet rarely gets this stuff wrong and when you approve spammers they come back and come back and they bring their spammy friends. Your blog becomes a haven for spam - and that WILL drive real commentors away.

  12. @mark: At the risk of sounding spammy, "thanks for that insightful article". I'll keep it handy for next time someone questions the ability of Akismet to tell spam from ham.

  13. Alex wrote a good post which will also help:

  14. Hi I receive lesser spam comments than akismat tells me.
    Does it blocks them from reaching me.
    For instance I received a spam comment a few hours ago but the number "Akismat protected your site from..." increased by 5 or 6
    If above is not the case then there might be some problem with akismat stats.

  15. @iphonist1
    "We have a real-time view of spam activity on millions of blogs around the world, so we can detect patterns in behaviour that can’t be seen by looking at any one single comment." There is no problem. We do not receive the comments for approval in our queue that Akismet apprehends have malicious content like malware, viruses, etc. in them as they could bring down many blogs.

  16. O really!
    Thanks for this information.
    But why some comments are marked spam as they don't seem to contain any extra link but their e-mail and blog address. On the other hand when a wordpress blogger comments akismat doesn't mark it spam and approves it without my consent. What's the difference between these two?

  17. Frankly I am happy to have Akismet removes the most obvious and prevalent spam so I don't have to search through it. False positives are rare. The obvious and prevalent spam constitutes 83% of all comments submitted to the domain every day. The majority of all "information" on the internet is spam and not legitimate information at all. There are not only robot spam programs in operation but there are also people who are hired to create spam comments. people from See the Live Spam Zeitgeist at the top right of this page Does reading what Staff say in this help you?

  18. Thanks for all this.
    83% hmm.
    Reply from Tellyworth reveals the actual story.

  19. Yes it does and searching forum threads will turn up that thread. That's how I found it.

  20. There are 25 million bloggers on wordpress. On an average day 400000 comments are made, which are far too less than the total number of blogs. Besides 83% of them are spam (means only 77000 fair comments for 25 million blogs per day).

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