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Comments below the posts?

  1. Dear!
    Does the theme "Independent-Publisher-2" have a way to show the comments just below the post? Or just link "comments"?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    When comments are enabled on a post, the reply box and published comments typically display at the bottom of the single post, but not on the blog page. See, for example, the box labeled "Deixe um comentário" on your post Eu mantenho um diário. There may be some exceptions where comments, rather than just links to comments, will display on the blog page, but I'm not aware of any.

  3. Here's a post on the site with one published comment:

  4. Nice! Quick answer! Thank you very much! I understand, comments appear below the post on the publication's own page, but they do not appear below the post on the "blog page", right? IT'S OK! I got it!
    There is no way to make it appear on the blog page ... - not even a few comments ... that's what I would like! It's all right!

  5. There is no way to make it appear on the blog page ...

    I'm not sure that's true. It might be possible with Custom CSS, which is a paid upgrade. If you're interested in pursuing this possibility you may either add a "modlook" tag to the sidebar at right here, to call for staff atttention or submit a request at the CSS Customization support page.

  6. I thought it was possible to change CSS when updating my plan. Thank you very much for the explanations!

  7. You're welcome. I'm just a volunteer, and don't have access to information on your account, so I don't what type of plan you have. If you have either the Premium or the Business Plan, then you have "Advanced Design Customization."

  8. @robertoke, the only theme here that is capable of showing comments on the main blog post page would be the P2 theme.

    There is no way to add comments, even a few to the posts on the blog page with CSS. It would require modification of the theme php script files. That would be possible with the Business plan upgrade, but it is a pretty monumental change and would require a good bit of php scripting knowledge.

  9. Very nice theme, dear thesacredpath. Thanks for the tip! I got your message and thank you! Everyone was very kind!

  10. You are welcome, and let us know if you have further questions.

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