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    I love the new features for Comments, but I’ve noticed that now sometimes comments appear in a sort of random chronological order…you can see what I mean here:

    The bottom three comments should be appearing further up—they aren’t replies to any previous comment, and they were made earlier than the ones above them.

    Is there a reason for this that I’m not getting, or is it a bug, or have I done something wrong? It’s not a big deal, I am just curious mostly…

    The blog I need help with is


    The main comments (those that are not a response to another comment) are in chronological order. Replies made to main comments will appear directly below the comment that they are in reply to, and they also will be in chronological order below that comment.

    I just left a test reply to a comment by shweta and it appears as it should, in chronological order below the other reply to that comment. You can delete my test comment.



    No, the last three comments are all main comments but appear below other main comments which were made a few days later…

    Your comment does appear as a reply to a previous comment as it should (indented under the comment it replies to). But the last three and the ones above it are all main comments and they are not in chronological order.


    Sorry, I should have looked more closely, you are right.

    This is something staff will have to look into. Contact them and provide the details so that they can fix it: .



    Okay, thanks :) I always like to make sure I am not crazy or stupid before I involve the staff!


    You’re welcome.

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