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Comments closed - why?

  1. Same here. Subscribing...

  2. Hi all,

    Sorry again for the hassle. This should now be fixed.

  3. I still have some posts closed for comments. And some not. I didn't do that. All of my posts should be open so the bug is still there...

  4. Did you try going back into each post and re-checking the allow comments box? I had to do that after the bug was fixed, it did not turn them back on automatically

  5. Yes, I just did that...

  6. Where is the "allow comments box"?

  7. It's under the editor box in the Discussion module.
    __Allow comments.
    __Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

  8. Thanks TT. The are checked and I jus twent back, unchecked, saved, checked and saved and my comments are still off...

    I'm assuming they are still tinkering with stuff, I'll give it some time, but definitely not fixed yet.

  9. Working now ...looks like it just took a few minutes to take hold...


  10. "It's under the editor box in the Discussion module.
    __Allow comments.
    __Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page."

    Help, I'm really new. Where is this? I went to Settings, and Discussion, and I don't see this.

    i am having the closed comments problem as well.

  11. Careercreatix:

    Go to the particular post you are trying to fix and hit edit

    on the top right side of your screen you will see a tab "screen options"
    click on that
    this should bring up a new box across the top of your screen
    click on discussion
    this should bring up a box under your actual text of the post titled "discussion"
    this is where you will see the two allow boxes - click "discussion" toggle if you don't see it

    ...WP should have at least said something on this one.

    Hope this helps

  12. None of the fixes above work - my latest post still defaults to Comments Off. Could someone in the Happiness Tea mlet us know what is happeing and when it will be sorted?


  13. @dingtonia: Staff already said they fixed the problem. If however, you are still experiencing difficulties, it would be quicker if you contact staff yourself:

  14. @airodyssey - many thanks :)

  15. I was still having trouble with this too - every time I tried to check "Allow comments" and "Allow trackbacks and pingbacks" under the Discussion module in the Editor box, the changes would not stick. BUT I just tried the Quick Edit option to enable "Comments" and "Pings" and when I hit Update, the changes actually stuck - as in, the comments are working now for that post.

    So quick fix: enable comments, etc through the Quick Edit feature. (Thanks to whoever mentioned this earlier!)

  16. crashcourseinself

    Thanks korena007 - that worked for me as well.

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