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    I just noticed something weird on the Stats page. The Blog Stats section on the Dashboard>Blog Stats shows the comments count as “1”. Its been stuck like that since the last 2 days!


    Comments are shown as “1″ whilst there many many more than that! Also, Tags are shown as 65 even though I have only 47! I noticed this after I “Converted” a few erstwhile categories into tags using the category-to-tag-converter. Is it possible that after conversion, the counts don’t change?

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    Note: I searched for a similar topic but couldn’t find any. Apologies if its a duplicate.


    It sometimes takes the sidebars a little while to update since they are cached. My tag cloud in the beginning was taking about six or eight hours to update after I went in and added some tags to older posts. There have also been some reports of odd behavior with the tag converter, so the categories you converted may take a day or two to sort themselves out. Since it’s a new feature, I expect staff is still doing a little adjusting on it.

    On the comments, I’ve noticed that before, and in one case my comments actually went backwards by one, but it sorted itself out after a day or two. You might also try clearing your browser cache and force reloading the page.

    If it doesn’t correct by tomorrow you might think about contacting support at

    Make sure and include your email address, your blog URL and a description of what is happening.



    My comment and post counts are both stuck at 1. Not that it matters too much so long as everything is still really there, which of course is the case. Odd though.


    Cache-clearing and Ctrl+F5 did not help! Moreover, I checked in two different PC’s and the comments counts are “1” at both places!

    I’m waiting for WP Support to open but the stumbling block is that the time-window of that co-incides with nighttime in my timezone :(

    I’m not too overly concerned since, as ninglun says, the comments and categories are all there..intact.



    We will get this fixed.



    Fixed :)


    It was indeed fixed! You Guys Rock……

    Thanks a lot….

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