Comments deleted after posts updated?!

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    I updated a few posts to include my name as a byline and cleaned up the HTML, and now all the comments on those posts have disappeared, not just from the page but from the Dashboard. They’re gone!

    Does WordPress delete comments on a post when you update it?!

    The blog I need help with is


    Comments won’t get deleted unless you or another user on the blog goes in and deletes them.


    Actually, this might be a bug. Looking into it now. Please send any reports of missing comments to the support contact form.


    The code change that was causing this earlier has been fixed now.



    Can the comments be recovered?



    @danewils you will need to contact staff by using the link designsimply provided for you to find out if they can recover the comments for you.


    Looking at that now. Deleted comments are not easy to recover. If you haven’t already, please do put in a request using the support contact form and we’ll take a look at each report of missing comments and try to recover them.

    Apologies for the trouble! I’m glad your report (and other ones from the contact form) allowed us to catch this early!!



    The same thing happened to me. After updating a post, all the comments disappeared. I’ve sent my support contact form as instructed and am fervently hoping the comments can be recovered. *crosses fingers*


    @endersgirrrl Saw your support request. Thanks. We should be able to get all of the comments back, but it may just take a little time to do it.



    Thank you very much! We do appreciate all your efforts. :D

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