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Comments Disappear and Appear

  1. On my blog i have comments enabled. I moderate only the first post of each new commenter. Now I have had six comments on my new blog, yet they dont show on my page all the time. They do on each individual post, but on the main page it should doesnt show under " new comments widget" and under blogposts i have enabled to show the amount of comments on the post, they dont show the comments either. When i got to My Dashboard -> Manage -> posts I also dont see the comments to these posts. but when I go to My Dashboard -> Comments they DO show. What is happening here???? Sometimes they DO show up, only to disappear again after 5 minutes???? Thanks in advance!

  2. The sidebar widgets showed "cached" information and sometimes take a little a little time to show up as they are synced across all the service. Could that be the case here?


  3. Im not sure to be honest, because i've already seen them appear in the comment count under my posts, and i've already seen them in the sidebar....but hey've just disappeared again..

  4. Do you have any specific examples we can take a look at? If there is a problem, the more information we have available for staff the better.


  5. just to get a little more clarity on things.. are the comment counts under individual posts also cached ?

  6. Good question. I think that even the content that is cached is refreshed so fast that most wouldn't notice. Looking at the recent comments in sidebar versus the comment counts on your site, it seems correct to me.


  7. Out of the shows right now...but i has done so before...and just as suddenly dissappeared again. Lets see what happens :) thanks for your support i'll post again if anything weird happens.

  8. I will check periodically as well over the next little while to see as well. Strange "disappearing problems" are also hard to fix ;)


  9. Btw, comment counts under posts were synchronized with the sidebar widget "last comments" both when the comments showed and when they didnt. So i guess they are both cached??

  10. And they have disappeared again

  11. the comment count is NOT synchronized with the sidebar widget "recent comments" this time. The same two comments disappear and appear from the sidebar and sometimes from the comment count under posts at seemingly random times.

  12. So now im insinde My Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts -> specific post says comments=0 ,
    now when i click this zero, i see the comment that is on that page. (because there IS a comment there)

    Comments DO show up on my comments feed. They are actually there, it is just that some parts of the website AND my dashboard (which bugs me even more) just show them once every hour or something.

  13. Staff are now aware of this possible problem gamestribe, so I guess we need to wait a little while for them to look into it. Hopefully it is a small delay and then back on track!


  14. one last post before i shut up and then i'll just be patiently waiting. I've been looking around the site refreshing alot of times and these are things that seem to be randomly changing.

    -Comment Count under posts
    -# responses (what is written under a post that you are viewing the number doesnt match the actual comments sometimes)
    -Sidebar widget "recent comments"
    -comment numbers in MANAGE -> POSTS

    comments do show up in:

    -comment rss feed
    -My Dashboard -> Comments
    -Individual posts

    The comments that go missing at the various places above are the last two comments added. (some 24 or more hours ago ) The comments before that are being processed without problem.

    The two comments appear and disappear at indicated places mostly at the same time, but sometimes the seem to appear and disappear at these various places independently.

    So thats about it. Thanks 4 your support ! its greatly appreciated. I will quietly await further information from now on.

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