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    Hi – On a group blog, the comments members make keep disappearing. They’re not in the Akismet spam filter, and at least one admin can see the comments while non-admin users can’t see them. This has been happening for the last 12 hours.

    Can someone let us know whether this is a known issue, and if not, if you can help us out or let us know what to do? Thanks.



    On a single blog too. I logged in 15 minutes ago and there was a new comment on the latest post on my blog (total 5 comments), two minutes later it was gone (total 4 comments), and now it’s back.




    And just as an update, in my Dashboard, I can’t delete the spam comments Akismet catches. I click on the “delete all” button, but nothing happens. The spam is still there.



    Try checking comments awaiting moderation. Sometimes my own comments end up there.



    Since the latest comment was by an already approved visitor, it shouldn’t have gone into Awaiting Moderation, and nope, it’s not there. And Criminey Jickets! In the Dashboard it’s back listed under Comments, and now showing up on the blog. Right before I logged out and dumped my cache, it was gone again. Methinks there is a cache problem somewhere…either that or I gotta lay off those double-espressos!



    Scratch that, gone again…



    @justjennifer – Glad to hear it sorted itself out. (No more four-shots for you!)



    Not so, unfortunately. I currently have two tabs open in FF. One shows 4 comments and the other 5 comments on the same post. (And my successfully deleted spam comment is back from the dead.)



    OK-thunderstorms heading in-am going offline ’til the morning. The problem will probably sort itself out by then. (fingers crossed)


    I have a sneaky suspicion that this is tied into the post appearing and disappearing issue.



    Yep, SacredPath, I think you’re right.

    FWIW, there were no comments in either the Awaiting Moderation or the Akismet folders at any time during the now 14+ hours this has been going on. Only members are allowed to view/comment on the blog, so it’s not like someone was trying to view comments without having permissions to do so.



    So far, so good on my end (fingers crossed).



    My latest blog entry has a dead comments hyperlink. I’m getting all sorts of emails from readers saying they can’t leave a comment.


    Is it the post about McClellan? I just clicked on the “comments” link on the main page and was taken to the main post page with the comments. I also left two comments, one while logged in to wordpress, and one while logged out (you can delete them). I also noticed that the post had seven comments when I left mine so has this problem gone away or were you talking about a different post?



    I am not sure whether this is related, but in my case akismet tells me that it has caught 6 spam comments since I last checked (a few hours ago). Only thing: they are not in the queue and hence I cant check them and despam if necessary. I have taken akismet down for the moment…



    I’m not sure what you mean about taking Akismet down as we can’t disable it on blogs here at, but sometimes there can be a delay before the spam comments display in Akismet. Sometimes it can be minutes, others a few hours.

    I’d wait a bit longer, perhaps overnight and see if they appear. If they don’t it might be a bug that’s been around a few WordPress blogs; you’d need to contact staff about it when support opens to see if they can help you.


    Thanks cjwriter! I was under the impression that taking the akismet widget off my site was equivalent to disabling it… silly me.


    This might help you understand how akismet works and why what you saw is not unusual:

    1) Akismet cannot be deactivated nor is there any user configuration on blogs.

    2) Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 15 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically. This is by design and cannot be changed. It is a good habit to check your spam comments every day or two so that you can identify legitimate comments and “despam” them prior to them being deleted by Akismet after the 15 days.

    3) If multiple identical spam comments are sent to your blog, the duplicates will not show up in my spam list for you to review. Only one of the duplicates will be displayed.

    4) After you have verified that the above spam is indeed spam by deleting it and Akismet has learned, if you again get hit by the same source, your “spams caught” number will increase, but they will not be listed for you to review (since you have already identified them as spam).

    5) Any comment sent to you blog, that is already known by Akismet to be spam, will be blocked, your “spams caught” number will increase, but again, they will not be listed for you to review (since they have been previously identified as spam by yourself or others).

    6) If a legitimate comment is caught in your spam filter and you “despam” it, it may take up to a few days for your despaming to work its way through Akismet and if you get a comment from the same source in the meantime, it may still end up in the spam folder. If this happens, despam it again. Akismet will is a short period stop catching them.


    Thanks thesacredpath, that helps!


    You’re welcome. There is also a delay between the number reported caught and when they will show up in your queue, so check it ever day or two at the least.

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