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    Hi all,

    Is anyone else having this problem? When I comment on my own blog, the comment disappears. It shows up on the dashboard but doesn’t on my blog. It’s like it disappeared and I can’t get access to it. If I try to repost the comment, I get a screen telling me the duplicate has been deleted.


    (Update) Comments have appeared but there still seems to be some kind of lag. Maybe things are just a little slow this morning.



    Howdy neighbor. Nice to see someone else from Charlotte here. :) (I can see your IP address being a moderator here.)

    SixApart gremlins mucking around with the system. :)

    There was another thread mentioning the slowness of the system. It may have been related. Either that or you’re seeing an older, cache copy of the page in question. I know Earthlink uses cache servers in some of their locations. Don’t know about here in Charlotte though. (Bellsouth does. They’re about 15 feet away from my two racks. I think RR does as well but they have their own building. Snobs. :)



    I just had a similar problem– wrote a comment responding to a comment I received, clicked “submit,” it disappeared, and here 30 minutes later it still is not visible. But in this case it’s not in the dashboard either. I’m pretty sure it’s not caching, because I also edited the original post by eliminating one category, and that change was reflected instantly.

    Could this have something to do with the fact that I put several links in my comment? I have replied to comments before without difficulty, but I don’t think I’ve used links.



    Have you looked here -> Comments -> Akismet Spam



    Good point. But I just looked, and it says Akismet Spam=0 (Does that mean zero today? )
    I also tried posting my comment without logging in. The first time I did that, it just disappeared again. The second time, I got a message to the effect that it was a duplicate comment and would be deleted.

    So the comments are somewhere, but not appearing.

    I just now posted a test comment, just a few words with no html. It appeared immediately (though I shall delete it shortly), so evidently the problem has something to do with the comment I was posting, perhaps the html. (But the comment to which I was trying to respond does have a link in it, so the mere presence of html doesn’t seem to explain the difficulty.)



    If you have more than one link, your blog may be set to spam the comment automatically. Also, there’s a way to autospam comments with certain words in them (like Viagra, ferinstance) so maybe you set those keywords and accidentally used them?

    I suspect that Akismet thought you were spam but has now learned. Sometimes it tightens up too much when it adapts to a new wave of spam. There can sometimes be a time lag with Akismet, so check the spam file later today and again tomorrow.

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